"The army of truth warriors has risen. Today it’s up to us, the foot soldiers,

to choose our rank instead of being part of the silent majority:

those without the strength to choose, the ghosts of this world."


As the co-author of the unofficial biography of the controversial WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange,

 I was given the incredible opportunity to study this man’s life.

A man who I believe is one of the greatest inspirations in recent time.


His activist approach to investigative journalism, whereby he used new and old media to expose

the corruption and deception that exists behind the closed doors of many governments,

corporations and even certain religions, won him numerous awards, thousands of supporters

and a handful of enemies, too.


I felt extremely privileged to document Assange’s journey and share his inspiring story with the world. Personally, I believe we are all being called to co-create a society of truth.

One in which we challenge corporations and governments for greater transparency, where we foster a greater degree of honesty within our relationships, and with ourselves,

where each of us can realize our individual truth;

to fully express our gifts, talents, soul’s purpose and in doing

so give others’ permission to do the same.


Each of us has the opportunity to make a real difference in our families, our work, neighborhoods, communities, and countries. Let’s support each other on this quest

to co-create a new, more ethical world.


Rather than remaining as a passive audience member watching the truth-seeking actions

of a warrior such as Julian Assange, it’s time for us to stand up and become

Warriors for Truth ourselves by being daring in our actions.


"Anything is possible when we realize we can live

our own truth or help uncover the truth for another"

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