Sophie Radermecker

​Emotional Storytelling




Shedding light on the human condition.

One story at a time.


Hot on the heels of her well-received biography on Julian Assange, WikiLeaks:

 Warrior for Truth,​ S​ophie​ R​adermecker is more passionate than ever about

  telling provocative stories that inspire her audience.


Miss Radermecker has more than 15 years of experience as a journalist

(print, radio and television) and a producer (entertainment​ ​industry)

in Belgium and France. She currently writes for Le Soir (#1 newspaper in Belgium), L’Echo (#1 Belgian business newspaper)​ ​and Ciné Télé Revue

(#1 Belgian entertainment magazine), among others,

and has produced human interest and celebrity content

for Belgian media such as Bel Rtl (#1 radio station) and RTL TVI (#1 TV Station).


Whether sitting down with the Queen of Belgium, a high-profile celebrity,

or a high school student in need of a mentor, the broad​ ​spectrum

of Sophie’s work reflects her enormous capacity to connect with all kinds of people.


Guided by a desire to elevate​ ​awareness and tolerance,

she has a talent for gaining access to fascinating worlds and shedding light on narratives that are​ ​encouraging, thought-provoking, enriching, or just plain “feel-good.”


Miss Radermecker now lives in Los Angeles,

where she is bringing her brand of motivational content to a wider audience.



"The army of truth warriors has risen. Today it’s up to us,

the foot soldiers, to choose our rank instead of being part

of the silent majority:

those without the strength to choose, the ghosts of this world."

Released in  5 languages in 2011

Feel free to contact Sophie with any requests or questions :

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